Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peaches for Monsieur le Curé by Joanne Harris

"It came on the wind of Ramadan..."

And with those few words I am once again immersed in the aromas and surrounded by the characters that made me fall in love with Joanne's creative storytelling.

Vianne Rocher and her two daughters are drawn back to Lansquenet at the behest of a letter from a much loved yet dearly departed friend from the past. Once she arrives Vianne realises the quaint little town she left behind 8 years ago has changed but not in the way she had hoped...

Things are not as they seem in Lansquenet... 
Veiled secrets have ignited prejudice in an already tense atmosphere and misunderstandings have caused strife among neighbours. Can Vianne and her chocolates heal the rifts between Lansquenet and Les Marauds? Or will tragedy hit before the truth can be revealed?

The book confronts many issues faced by women of different cultures whose beliefs and customs are not readily accepted in today's mainstream idea of a normal society. Some of the more shocking situations in the story are handled delicately by Joanne Harris and treated with respect which seems fitting for this tale.

When you have spent your whole life living outside society's expectations and have moved from place to place, following where the wind takes you, can you ever truly call one place home? With the plot's many twists and turns the climax will end up surprising you and maybe make you re-assess how you look at the world.

A bitter-sweet tale you will end up craving like your favourite piece of dark chocolate, Peaches for Monsieur le Curé will draw you in until the last page.

If your curiosity for this tale has been piqued please see the below book trailer.

A reading of the book by the author herself, Joanne Harris.

If you would like like to learn more about Joanne Harris just meet up with her at:

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Silver Bright Animated Trailer & Link to Contest

Evening Fellow Bookworms!!!

Lisa Mantchev, Author of the Theatre Illuminata trilogy, has announced the release of a animated book trailer for SO SILVER BRIGHT her latest book. Check it out below!!!

 If this trailer has piqued your interest have a look-see: So Silver Bright

In honour of the release of her animated clip Lisa is holding a contest with awesome goodies to give away. Check it out at So Silver Bright Contest.

Go Forth & Good Luck!!